Monday, 13 February 2017

Hardwood Flooring Store Announces Latest Moving Tips To Protect Your Floors

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. It also requires a seemingly endless amount of planning and preparation. Moving day serves as the culmination of much hard work. While the moment is often a thrilling one, it is extremely important to protect your hardwood flooring during this process. The Hardwood Flooring Store wants homeowners with hardwood floors in Toronto to know these basic tips for moving into a new home.

Before you move all of your belongings into your new place, it is important to assess the condition of your floors. It is much easier to do any necessary cleaning or reconditioning prior to the move. In many cases, the previous owners of the home may have updated the flooring before the house was sold. If this is the case, some simple cleaning is all that will be required. For bigger sanding and refinishing projects, contact a hardwood flooring expert in Toronto.

Use a wood-cleaning product that is diluted according to the instructions on the label. Always test a small area prior to using it on the entire floor. Damp mop the floor with the cleaner, avoiding any standing water on the surface. Rinse with clean water according to the directions on the cleaning product. Using a fan or air conditioner will help to speed the drying process and prevent moisture problems. Remove any marks by buffing the surface with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use harsh scrubbing implements that will damage the hard finish.

Scratches and dings are not inevitable. They can easily be prevented by taking some basic steps. If you are using a moving company, it is essential to discuss their prevention methods for protecting hardwood floors. They should be able to articulate a strategy for keeping your floors flawless. Take pictures of the floors prior to the movers arriving. This will protect you in case you need to make a claim for damages.

“It always helps to talk to a flooring professional prior to moving into your home,” says Ron Ander, the owner of the hardwood flooring store, a hardwood flooring company in Toronto. “A professional can consult with you about the best way to protect your floor during the transition.”

For do-it-yourself movers, you will need to be prepared in advance with the right tools to protect your wood floor. Use padding and glides to move heavy furniture. Always check for debris under the padding prior to sliding it on the floor. Hand trucks are essential for moving large items like refrigerators or other kitchen appliances. These can damage your floor if they don’t have the right kind of wheels. Never use hard wheel hand trucks, such as hard rubber or plastic. These can scratch the surface. Always check the wheels for small rocks before loading.

The owner advises purchasing temporary floor protection rolls. These can be rolled out over the entire surface of the flooring. They are frequently used by contractors during remodeling or building. They provide an additional layer of protection from the elements including water and mud.

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